Frymaster FPPH-255

• Filter pan design easy-to-clean — saves time
• Large capacity filter pan is lightweight for easy removal
• Filter pan designed on rails to clear floormats
• Ample under-fryer cleaning space when filter pan is removed
• Sloped drain pan leaves minimal shortening residue behind after filtering
• Increased diameter on oil pick-up tube prevents clogging
• Sleek, rounded styling enhances aesthetics and allows easier cleaning
• Large 3-inch round drain line creates 13% more capacity for oil to drain freely
• Stainless steel alloy construction extends long frypot life even longer
• 1/3 H.P. motor • Stainless steel crumb catcher
• 1 box of 25 prepackaged applications of Filter Magic® powder
• 1 box of 25 sheets of Filter Magic paper

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